"Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, they make this world a beautiful garden."​



Groawesum is for building strong minds and happy hearts

At groawesum, we are committed to building emotional intelligence and positive mental health practices for the future generation. We believe every child deserves a safe, fun-filled, and engaging environment that helps to explore themselves and their mental wellness. Our science-backed creative approach helps them cultivate emotional intelligence, growth mindset, kindness, self-awareness, and resilience, the top five skills needed to nurture a happy heart and strong mind!
We collaborate with educators, mental health professionals, parents, and caregivers to create a holistic approach to mental wellness.

Why Us?

While growing up, children face a multitude of challenges, that sometimes become overwhelming and difficult to manage. With high influence from social media, children tend to face social anxiety by comparing themselves with others and worrying about other people’s opinions. This slowly makes them avoid mistakes and they try to become a perfectionist. They are not willing to try new things, accept their imperfections, and work on them . As a result , they suffer from low confidence and low self-esteem.They also face multiple emotional challenges while handling situations like friendship challenges, rude behaviour, disappointment, jealousy, and unkind treatment.

Groawesum strives to help children navigate these challenges with resilience and confidence by providing them with the necessary tools and resources that are backed by science.

We focus on building resilience, emotional intelligence, growth mindset, self-awareness, and kindness in children and empower them to embrace their true selves, and their emotions, grow their minds, and thereby create a kinder world. We aim to help kids explore their mental wellness in an engaging, fun, and age-appropriate environment / activities. Through our innovative and creative approach, we provide valuable resources to children and their families and promote positive mental health practices. We also collaborate with mental health professionals, parents, educators, and caregivers to create a holistic & comprehensive approach to mental wellness.

Join us on this journey to help children grow strong minds and happy hearts.



My Story: From Tech Entrepreneur to Empowering Parents​

As a computer engineer with an MBA, I had a successful career in the e-commerce industry before I took the leap and started my own food startup. Unfortunately, like many others, the COVID situation had a significant impact on my business, and I was left with a difficult decision to make.

Fast forward to becoming a mother, and I soon realized that my true passion lay in the field of personal growth, specifically in developing emotional intelligence and growth mindset in children. As a result, I launched Groawesum, a brand dedicated to helping parents nurture happy hearts and strong minds in their kids.

My own parenting journey was the driving force behind my passion for emotional intelligence, and I realized that there was a need for effective tools to help parents empower their children to impact the next generation positively. Groawesum is my way of creating a better tomorrow, one child at a time, by providing parents with the resources they need to raise resilient, kind, and self-aware kids.